December 24

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Aida Premiere Khedivial Opera House Cairo

World-famous opera Aida premiered in Cairo on this day in 1871.
You most likely know the tunes to the high-pitched aria. But if you don’t give them a spin!

Also high, but in the sky, is pilot Howard Hughes (*1905).
He is joined at the birthday bash by poet Matthew Arnold (*1822) and singer Ricky Martin (*1971). Actress Ava Gardner (*1922) and fashion designer Kate Spade (*1962) hand out the drinks.

And physicist James Prescott Joule (*1818) performs some chemistry tricks to enjoy the crowd. His name surely rings a bell. He is the guy after whom we named the ‘joule’ as a unit of energy. So from now on, you’ll remember him every time you check your food for its ‘kilojoule’ (or KJ) energy levels.

Getting inspired is so much fun!
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