January 8

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Musician David Bowie Birthday

Some say he never died and he lives forever.
Some say he passed and he lives forever in their hearts.
One thing is sure, the king of Rock’n’roll, Elvis Presley (*1935) lives on through his music.

Two more music legends celebrate their birthdays today:
David Bowie (*1947) and R. Kelly (*1967). How about a little B-day duet, gentlemen?
A collaboration of these two legends would make anyone smile like Mona Lisa, whose picture was exhibited for the first time in the US on this day in 1963.

British scientist Alfred Russel Wallace (*1823), genius physicist Stephen Hawking (*1942) and actor Nick Nolte (*1941) are three more famous names to celebrate today. And very few people know how to celebrate harder than Jacques Anquetil (*1934), who won the famous Tour de France cycling race a stunning 5x!

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David Bowie
Elvis Presley
R. Kelly
Alfred Russel Wallace
Stephen Hawking
Nick Nolte
Jacques Anquetil


Mona Lisa exhibited for the first time in the US
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