June 19

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Garfield Cartoonist Jim Davis Debut

Garfield, holder of the Guinness World Record for the world’s most widely syndicated comic strip, makes its debut on this orange-cat-loving June day in 1978.

Actress Zoe Saldana (*1978) is born on the exact same day and we wonder whether she feels somehow connected to the laziest cat on earth. If so, this would be a cracking story for Indian novelist Salman Rushdie (*1947). Yes, it’s not truly his area of expertise, but you gotta get out of your comfort zone sometimes.

Fully inside their comfort zone were all fathers in Spokane in 1910, as they celebrated the first-ever Father’s Day (which is celebrated on a different date every year). And what is more fun than visiting a NASCAR event with your dad? The first race was held at Charlotte Motor Speedway in 1949.

If fast cars are not your thing, then try visiting a baseball game or Macklemore (1983) show. And raise a glass to legendary baseball player Lou Gehrig (*1903).

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