June 6

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First Drive in Theatre Camden

American fashion brand Abercrombie & Fitch was established on this stylish day in 1867.

Exactly 100 years later, actor Paul Giamatti (*1967) is born. And we celebrate his birthday with a nice Italian spumante and some ‘dolci’ (sweets).

Swedish tennis player and the king of underwear Bjorn Borg (*1956) joins the party and serves Russian poet Alexander Pushkin (*1799) a drink. Pushkin was born exactly 200 years later than Spanish painter and educator Diego Velazquez (*1599).

What an interesting bunch today. But that’s not all, because look; it’s German Nobel Prize laureate Thomas Mann (*1875). He decided to take everyone to the movies in New Jersey, where the first-ever drive-in theater opened in 1933!

Getting inspired is so much fun!
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