May 28

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What happened on May 28?

“Bond. James Bond.” Boy, who doesn’t love the sound of that sentence?!
Today marks the birthday of 007’s author: mister Ian Fleming (*1908). His stories established a brand that has generations throwing around cheesy “Shaken, not stirred” lines.

You know what rolls, too? Michelin tires!
This iconic French company was founded today in 1889.

In 1937, a major client of their rubbery products was founded in Germany: Volkswagen.

In case you want to take your Volkswagen on a ride through The Netherlands, make sure to hit the “Afsluitdijk” – an epic motorway on a man-made dyke, separating the country’s inland from the rough North Sea (established today, in 1932).

What a sad day it would be today without some Top40 hits, right? Clap your hands together for today’s birthday-girls: Kylie Minogue (*1968) and Colbie Caillat (*1985)!

And let’s wrap up the day with the sweet voice of actress & singer Carey Mullighan (*1985).

Getting inspired is so much fun!
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